Your initial assessment is a very indepth look at your current state of health. From mind, to body, to food we fully discuss everything you have been through and everything you want to achieve and put all the pieces together to design a program that is right for you.

The information gleened from this assessment will determine your strengths and weaknesses as well as your level of readiness. After we take an inventory of where you are I will devise a plan for getting to where you want to be.

Once we’ve created your plan, I will be there for you every step of the way. Whether in person or via call, text, or email – I stick by my clients’ side!

I am able to provide in-person education for groups, families and individuals in Southern California and the Bay Area. My full service is also available 100% online and via telephone or Skype.

Tailor-Made Nutrition

Using an in-depth system of symptom analysis, I will assess your body’s nutritional status – from digestion, to hormone, adrenal, and cardiac health. Then I will create a nutrition and supplement plan based on your unique needs.

Customized Fitness

We will assess and define your bodies needs and create a complete cardiovascular and strength program that will help you reach your physical goals, while healing and restoring your body.


I have over 20 years experience practicing yoga and received my 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification from Yandara Yoga Institute, with emphasis on meditation, philosophy, ethics, and lifestyle.

I am a Level Two Reiki practitioner and certified Nutritional Therapist. I specialize in combining mental, physical, and nutritional therapy modalities to create customized group wellness programs.

These retreats allow individuals to immerse themselves in total body healing that will restore their minds, revitalize their bodies, and prepare them to return to daily life with a newfound power, peace, and enthusiasm.



The fact is, most people spend the majority of their life at work.

I firmly believe a business cannot be successful if its employees are tired, sick, and unhealthy. I also believe community is a critical component to creating lasting, lifestyle change.

This is why I work one-on-one with businesses and corporations to create a tailor-made nutrition and fitness programs that harness the power of community to make your organization healthier – both physically and mentally – and create a stronger, happier team as a whole.