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There’s no one, perfect diet. No universal fat, protein, and carb ratio that works for everyone. But there are a few nutritional principles I can teach you. Discover exactly what nutrients your body needs. No more calorie counting. Revitalize your plate and reclaim your health.


Mobilize and strengthen your body with custom exercise programs. There’s no one workout that works for everyone. I’ll teach you functional movements, balance cardiovascular exercise and strength training and create restorative practices that are designed for your unique body.


Break through mental, physical and nutritional barriers and achieve the change you dream about. After working with me, you’ll finally be able to flip the switch in your brain, so you’ll not only know what changes you need to make – you’ll actually want to make them.

Geno has an extraordinary ability to offer nutrition counselling, a thorough assessment of where you are in terms of strength, mobility, flexibility, fat content and muscle mass. With Geno, it is like going back to school with the very fun teacher or professor you deeply admired. He pushes you hard, but in a fun and motivational way. He explains body mechanics and how supplements work. He lets you know that the workout you did at 26 no longer makes sense at 56. Geno offers peace of mind knowing you have selected someone who has the knowledge and the ability to communicate in a unique and positive way. I would recommend Geno for anyone looking to enhance their well-being, gain a better understanding of nutrition, strength training, yoga, stretching and body mechanics. Life is hard and a successful journey today requires health and focus to succeed. Geno can offer you that, and more.

Robert K.Life is hard and a successful journey today requires health and focus to succeed.

I had been assessed with a neuropathy which led to restricted movement in my right leg and ankle. A well-known back surgeon recommended a fusion procedure, which seemed drastic. Thanks to Geno I have been able to put together a nutrition, stretching, and exercise routine which is slowly helping me improve my condition, but more importantly, keep it from getting worse, and not going under the very risky process of spinal fusion which has a very limited track-record. Geno was able to arm me with factual information so I could dialogue with my physicians, and obtain some tough honest answers from them.

Robert K. Wellness from within

When I was told that an MRI revealed a small tear in the meniscus of my right knee, I was advised by my doctor to engage in physical therapy before considering a surgical procedure. I had participated in regular exercise using kettle bells and was concerned that this injury would prevent me from this type of workout. I began working with Geno almost a year ago and with his advice regarding hydration, exercise, and nutrition, I have no pain in my knee at all. Specifically, Geno worked with me weekly using TRX, bands, and yoga techniques to improve strength in my ankles, glutes, and core. Geno is excellent with regard to his knowledge of anatomy and therapeutic direction. I am so grateful that he “fixed” the knee issue!

Michel S.Heal thyself

I am excited to share my Geno story. I’m 57 years old and I have terrible knees. For 15 years i have learned to avoid stairs, “child’s pose” in yoga and any variation of a squat in Pilates. I have been told by multiple doctors that two knee replacements would be inevitable and sooner rather than later. I even had to give up driving a stick shift becuause the clutch was too painful. I had knee pain all day every day it just varied as to how much. I would never get down on the floor becuause I felt I would never get up. I thought I would soon have to sell my condo and get a one story unit which was horrifying at the young age of 57!! Then I met Geno. First of all the workouts are totally fun and he doubles as a therapist by the way. We started out primarily stretching and working on what felt like simple exercises that were building my butt and working my quads and moving my ankles and that would fix my knees. I was skeptical since I had a knee problem and not a quad problem. Three months later I have absolutely no knee pain. NEVER !! I take the stairs , I get down to sit on the floor to play with my dog and get up again with no effort. I am a completely different person living a different life. More confident and more active. I literally carry myself differently. I walk smarter and more briskly. I’ve toned down and can see my body shape changing. Now we are working with weights and I’m at a 3 minute plank only three months in !! The only challenge for me now is I have a “geno addiction” ! I highly recommend him to anyone who has a Mantra like I used to and says “I have bad knees” all the time. I said it all the time then but I can’t say it now ! I am up and down stairs all day long and do not feel it in my knees at all.

Marcie MNo more bad knees!